Circuit Officers

Circuit Stewards

  • Mrs Ann Collins
  • Mr Richard Fletcher
  • Mrs Stella Goddard


  • Circuit Meeting: Mrs Maggie Symes
  • Local Preachers: Mrs Beulah Fletcher
  • Network Committee: Mrs Jackie Player


  • Circuit Treasurer: Mr Michael Hill
  • Overseas Mission: Mr Michael Hill

Other Circuit Staff

  • Student Development Worker: Sue Harrington
  • Circuit Property Secretary: Mr Terry Hammond
  • Circuit Manse Steward: Mr Terry Hammond
  • Circuit Quinquennial Co-ordinator: Mr Terry Hammond
  • NCH Action for Children: Covered by the Circuit Churches
  • MHA: Mrs Pam Finch
  • JMA: Covered by the Circuit Churches
  • Archivist: Mr Michael Hickman
  • Press & Information Officer: Mrs Maggie Symes
  • Focus Magazine Editor: Mr Kenneth Smith
  • Circuit Safeguarding Officer: Rev Dermot Thornberry
  • Circuit Prayer Co-ordinator: Circuit Office
  • Circuit Project Co-ordinator:Mrs Stella Goddard – Sussex Nitestop